'X' Marks the Spot Workshop

'X' Marks the Spot Workshop

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'X' Marks the Spot Workshop is a fun interactive Mapping Workshop based in an educational setting.

Introduction to Grids - letters and numbers, Local maps of the area and a fun Treasure map-making experience will have the children enthralled! A Mini Map-Makers bespoke goodie bag for each child including: colouring pencils, maps and stickers & more! A bespoke Site Centred OS Map for each school to find out about your surroundings included in the price.

What the children love - Stickers, guessing Captain Alice's age, making a really old map, playing map games!

What the teachers love - seeing the children using their newly learned skills with numbers and letters - to read a grid reference! Seeing them make their own decisions. Working together as a team to find the first symbol!

Groups of 30 (max) per 45-60 min session.