Mini Map-Makers Pirate Packs (30s) for Pirate Theme!

Mini Map-Makers Pirate Packs (30s) for Pirate Theme!

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Are you doing the 'Pirate Theme' for your children and you can't get good resources? Look no further!

Captain Alice and her crew have something new for September 2018! Exclusive Mini Map-Makers 'X' Marks the Spot Stickers, Great Britain Maps from 1518, ribbon and jewels in one handy pack!! 

Exclusive 13 Pirate themed foam re-applyable stickers and bespoke 'X' Marks the Spot ribbon - sold only by Captain Alice!

Maps are designed and created by Captain Alice, who is a Cartographer and mum to a 5 year old.. (crew-mate Ant)..he has told her what needs to go on the maps! And she's read the Curriculum too! 

Sets sold as Individual, 30, 60, 90, 120 - stickers, maps, a 'X' Marks the Spot Ribbon and jewels for each crew-mate..

all ready for crumpling up and adding teabag dabs to make them look really old - then the stickers and testing their co-ordinates! Remember - Along the corridor and Up the Stairs...